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From its name AWS EventBridge, I was scared, really scared to discover what lies beneath the second word.

I was expecting something complex, something hard to understand, something unusual.

The first time I put my hands on the AWS documentation though, my breaths started to be steady, then my mind started to reconstruct, and at the end, my eyes lightened up.

Here is the simplest/the most basic thing I got from it:

Let’s imagine something simple:

It’s our everyday topic the “weather”. There are constant and endless weather events we get every second, minute, or hour. Depending on if it’s…

While building ShareBook, I was stumbling upon a long-running REST call I myself created :). I thought it was the most well defined/sequenced solution ever for sharing a book.

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BUT, it took so much time that it totally broke the user experience of sharing a new book. This is what happened when a user shared a book:

  • I take first the place where the book is available, then calculate the distances of this place from the other existing places
  • then I gather all the users’ tokens where I need to send the notifications
  • create the book in the database
  • add…

As promised in my previous article folks, here are the packages I use for ShareBook (iOS and Android) and what I use them for.

It’s going to be a long list but I think it’s worth to go through them because they (communities) helped a lot.

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1 — badges: an indicator for the user of what changes in the current context. To pinpoint something that needs to be taking into account. To display additional information without taking all the intention.

2 — country_codes: get the list of country ISO codes. …

Flutter is something that always piqued my interest, due to the good things I’ve heard about it, and what people around me muttered: Flutter this, Flutter that, it makes me Flutter.

So I started to do some experiments with it and write a few dummy Apps in both iOS and Android (same codebase), to see what can be done with it. Since we are already flooded with tons and tons of Apps of any kind, I did not know what exactly to build with it. …

Rina Andria

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